Chord Solutions Hackfest

Bring your idea for a startup, a personal pet project, or even something from work. Build your softball team website or write a better Craigslist, whatever gets you excited about coding. We'll also have a charity (TBA) with a software need on hand if you want to lend a hand.

Eventbrite - Chord Solutions Hackfest


Developers of all skill levels are invited. As well as designers and entrepreneurs. And everything in between. We're mostly .NET and JavaScript programmers, but anyone is welcome.


A day of hacking, learning, and community. We'll be building some awesome software together.


Saturday, May 31st starting at 9am and running until 5pm.


We wanted to do something that we thought would be fun for the software community but without the usual recruiter harrassment or throw away work that other events exhibit.


  • 8:00 Doors open - socialize while we get ready - eat a donut.
  • 9:00 Kick off the event - The first thing we'll do is a quick round of pitches for people to introduce their idea. Next we'll vote on which projects people want to contribute to.
  • 9:30 Start hacking!
  • 11:00 Grumpy's kitchen and bar open for purchase.
  • 4:30 We stop coding and ask each group to demo what they built.
  • 5:00 We'll decide a winner and award a prize and bragging rights at the end. Then you're on your way home if you want.

It isn't necessary to polish your pitch at all (no slides!), but do come prepared to answer the following questions:

  1. The name of your project
  2. A brief description of what you want to accomplish
  3. The technologies you prefer to use (and whether you are looking for someone with a particular expertise)
You might also consider setting up source control or other basic structure in advance.

What others get wrong How we do it better
Their hackfest is 36 hours straight We're keeping it short for people with families and lives. You might want to keep working on your project together later, or you might want to bring it back to another Chord hackfest.
They focus on selling an idea to Venture Capitalists We focus on working software and let the selling come later
Not for profit guests get brochureware We produce functional applications
It's a thinly veiled recruiting event We're just in it for fun and community
The code is throw away: just kata work Again we want to build real working software
You might not feel passionate about any of the other projects You are welcome to come and work on a project by yourself but still enjoy the company and support of other developers
It's more about the contest than the coding If you don't care about the contest, you can come and go as you please. If you can only drop in for a while, we think you will still have fun.
Eventbrite - Chord Solutions Hackfest

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