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We help place top quality consultants in challenging opportunities without getting in the way. We believe in placing the right person, not just a person.

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App Development

Our collective experience in app development allows us to make your vision a reality while proposing new and innovative approaches to your problem.

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Modern Web

Our consultants have the experience needed to produce modern responsive web applications that are cross browser and cross platform including mobile and touch.

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Full Spectrum Talent

While our emphasis is on development, we also partner with key consultants in areas like Project Management, Data Architecture and User Experience Design to meet your needs.

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Complete Transparency


Our consultants and clients know exactly what we bill and what goes into consultants pockets.

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Specialized Developers


Our consultants are seasoned professionals who focus on keeping skills current and desirable.

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Awesome Clients


Our clients know how important people are in the success of their projects and want the best.

We are hybrid of independent consulting and a consulting firm that supports and fosters the growth of its members.

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